Mask VS True Face

Mask: Tough Girl, Strong Girl, Independent, Don’t need anybody in life, Don’t care about anyone’s feeling

The truth: I’m weak, I’m insecure, I’m too dependent to someone I love, I’m not stable and scared somebody I love will hurt me, I care about everyone’s feeling but I just don’t know how to show them that I care without feel awkward.

Can you see the truth behind everyone mask? I think you’re not, because we always believe about our own prejudice about someone. We just seeing people from outside and point the finger to them instead trying to figure out why are they doing that or this.

But one thing that I know, everyone must be have at least 1 mask they are more comfortable to wear everyday, although we actually don’t really like the feel to be always behind the mask. I don’t like it myself when I wear “the mask”, although that’s the one that can bring me to comfortable zone, because I always want to be loved as what I am. That’s what I actually feel.

we always busy to think about… to perfect our mask than trying to be more honest with ourselves. Because… yeah, its more safe, we just afraid people outside will break us if we show our weak side to them.

Maybe this quote can be something that you can consider, do you want to be loved as yourself or as your mask? It’s your choice…


For me? I’m prefer to be loved by someone that’s can fall in love with my real self, both good side and bad side 😀

And I’m grateful because finally I have him… He really the one that can accept me fully WITHOUT ANY COMPLAINTS… Always understanding, never shout at me although he actually mad, (yeah I know he often mad because of my ego). And he’s really mature so he can guide me to the right way. Everything about him is just PERFECT.. Yeah he have his imperfection too but its just too little and become something unimportant anymore.. And the most important is, I always feel appreciated and safe besides him.. Because he knows what I really am, he decides to always protect me and love me… through everything he done for me… I can see and I can feel how big his love for me.. Yup, he’s not the type that love saying a fancy word, he is the type that saying what he meant through his act… the real gentleman..

So yeah, when he asked me “will you marry me?” What else I can say besides “YES, why not?” :3



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