Hi, Beautiful Miss Independent :)

wpid-download-1.jpg.jpegIt’s kinda sad
when he doesn’t call you or text you all day

but you must remember, before he’s being with you
he already has a life,
he just let you in on some part, not on the all the parts
you have to accept it
he needs his freedom too

when the start of relationship
yeah I know you feel really special
because he was like can’t get a life without you

but you must be know about this:
everything first is always feels exciting and sweet, what happen after the first, it whats we call something beautiful that become ordinary or boring

yeah, all of it, the first met, you can keep it on your memory to remind you he was love you

so now he doesn’t love me anymore??

aaah, if you act clingy, yeah he will become bored and maybe the worst will stop to love you.

what makes a man love a woman is when the woman is a hard target that seems so far from their reach

so never lose your personality because of a man

I know thats hard,
You just want to be secure, you just want he told you i love you everyday like when the first phase of relationship

but.. its not work that way ladies πŸ˜₯

don’t put your hopes too high, to anyone.


just live your life, have fun while you can in your free time

you can read your favorite books,
eats what you wanna eats
play with your cats all day
watching your favorite korean drama
take a long nap
playing your favorite game or hang out with your friends
or whatever you like, the routinity that you’ve been done when you didn’t met him yet

just try to feel that moment of “happy to be a single woman” once again

and you will get your positive personality back again πŸ™‚

what if he doesn’t call you or text you anymore after that?
just delete his number forever and move on πŸ™‚

it means, he doesn’t worth of your precious love

now you got what you mean right, beautiful ladies?
stand up and throw your phone away
don’t wait him like a dog waiting for her master

because you are a woman that so beautiful in her own way,
call yourself, beautiful miss independent πŸ˜‰

PS: Don’t forget your career too, have a good career is A MUST for an independent woman!!!



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