Welcome The new Chapter of my Life!!!! Welcome 2015!!!

I feel so happy that I can enter 2015 with a brand new life that so much much better than the past, even exceed my expectation :’) from 2012-2014 is really dark and blur, but now I can see light and everything is become crystal clear right now..

I’m so grateful after through that darkest moment I can see whats worth to keep and whats not, and now I know that I have those wonderful people around me that will always support me no matter what.. they bring the best out of me, teach me with love and understanding. There is still so much to learn, so I can’t stop right now.. I must be brave to make the better future than today.


I’m still that girl is like to whining whenever life gets rough, everybody likes that, but now I become so much wiser not to drag others to drowned with my negativity, instead I work harder to free from the hell that make me whining..

and one by one things that always annoyed and make me mad and sad, is gone… with time, with tears, with prays and endless effort πŸ™‚

Its so funny when I think about mistakes that I’ve made in my life… why can I be that stupid? Why I did so many stupid mistakes like that in my life? what the hell I’ve been thinking? am I nuts? am I going crazy? or maybe my IQ is really low that make me done something that nonsense and not logical at all??

But now I think, thats good though, because if I didn’t make so many mistakes, I won’t learn, and I can’t meet the most wonderful people that I have now.. πŸ˜‰ maybe I will still get stuck on my old life, life’s need a new change isn’t it? to the better condition of course..

But always remember, to make life’s better, something must change… don’t stay on the crossway too long, you must take quick decision to change it, with brave heart, based on your principle, based on what you really want the most.. or even based on what you always daydream about.. so at the end of the road you won’t regret what you’ve choosen.

Its your life, not the other’s life, live it to the fullest with mistakes, tears, laughs, and experience, make it so you will change to a better person on the next next next years in your life.. it’s a promise.. for your sake!

So with this long letter to myself, Now I will say,

“I’m ready to welcome 2015 with a happy faceee!!!!!”


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