Say what you want about me, I have life and I don’t care!


You say I’am an evil bitch
Go ahead
You say I’am fake
Go ahead
You say you regret about our history
I don’t care
You say I’am the worst woman you’ve ever met
I say you are the worst man I’ve ever met

Whatever you say about me
I don’t care
I even wondering
Is it that bad when you choose to spent your time with me?
Drain all of my money 😉
Drain all of my tears 0_0
And what else?
oh give me so much pretty lies 😦
playing me like a naive doll 😦
Oh yeah make my heart bleeding too :’D

and after we break up you still want to torture me
with your harsh words?

and then ask for forgiveness,
and trying to trick me with your old lies?
trying to make me fall on your “beautiful but dangerous” trap again?
do you think I’am that naive? :’-(

what the hell is WRONG with you?!
are you INSANE? PSYCHO?!

but I won’t cry anymore like I did yesterday
past is past,
I don’t wanna look back at the old chapters
I just will burn those in flames

So say everything you want to say
Blame me as you like
turn everythings upside down
keep that childish attitude of yours

Because everything that you’ve said
is not describe me at all,

Everyone could see it
All of the bad thing’s you say
It’s all about YOU

That’s all 😀


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